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To Purchase
Available Art

All available art is for purchase unless stated. Make an appointment at the studio to browse available fine art pieces and discuss prices.

Oil Painting Commission

Interested in a custom painting? Let's talk! First, I like to discuss color, size and price of work!

Color- I want you to have your dream painting, so let's discuss color! Once we figure out color scheme, its go time! 

Cost- Painting commission prices vary depending on time and materials. I charge $48.00 an hour and a deposit fee for materials. The deposit fee depends on how large you want your canvas to be. Just the canvas alone can get very expensive, so this is something to think about. I don't go less than $500, on a canvas that's 30 inches, so the smaller the canvas the more inexpensive it will be. 

Time- Working on a custom painting can take up to 8 weeks, sometimes longer. Oil paint is a very slow drying medium so this takes time, due to the process and layering of colors. I don't like to deliver a painting when its still wet, so after I'm done, I like to give it a week to dry and don't worry, I'm updating you along on the way.

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